Chiropractic Testimonials

"Very happy with the results of my treatment with Dr. Fuller. The pain in my neck and upper back is totally gone. I cannot believe the significant change in just a short time period! I wish I had come to Dr. Fuller sooner!"

- Julie B.

"I received great care and immediate relief from shoulder pain associated with year’s of trauma associated with sports, exercise and general activity. Dr. Fuller’s application of the ART therapy works."

- Brian M.

"I am very grateful for Dr. Dave’s help. My walking and bending are much improved. My middle back is seldom a problem anymore."

- Barbara D.

"This is the best that I have felt in a number of years. Dr. Dave’s adjustments have given me more flexibility for bending and exercising."

- John D.

"I’m so glad I have Dr. Dave to help keep me healthy."

- Ginny C.

”I enjoy gardening and for many, many years I would actually crawl from flowerbed to flowerbed because it was too painful to get up and down due to lower back problems. With Dr. Fuller’s help, I am no longer crawling from flowerbed to flowerbed plus I just got finished spreading 12 yards of mulch!“

"I have been a patient of Dr. Fuller’s for almost a year. He has been a tremendous help to me. I originally went to see Dr. Fuller after developing Plantar Fascitis. After going to a podiatrist and receiving several shots of cortisone that did not work, I decided to contact Dr. Fuller after hearing that he had special training in soft tissue manipulation. Within days, I had pain relief. I was totally amazed. He has also helped in alleviating back pain and migraine headaches that I previously would get. Whenever I do yard work or heavy lifting, I immediately go see Dr. Dave for an adjustment to avoid getting the terrible back pain and other aches and pains I would normally get. It works! I have never felt better. My children also see Dr. Dave. What amazes me is that they will tell me when they want to go. My son was having severe indigestion. The pediatrician wanted to do an upper GI. I decided to bring my son to see Dr. Dave. After several adjustments, I am happy to say that my son no longer has severe indigestion and we were able to avoid having him go through an upper GI. I am now a firm believer in the benefits of ongoing chiropractic care."

- Maria M.

"Dr. Fuller came highly recommended by our trainers in my gym. I had shoulder and hamstring issues, and Dr. Fuller thoroughly listened to me, used the Active Release Technique as well as adjusting my spine/neck, and always asked me how I was feeling. I have recommended him to several people who were also pleased with his professionalism, dedication, and knowledge."

- Joanne K.

"I was reluctant to go to a chiropractor. My wife had been seeing Dr. Fuller for severe back pain. I am a golfer and have arthritis. At one point, I had to walk off the golf course as a result of severe back pain. I thought my golfing days were over because every time I swung a club I would experience stabbing back pain. After I saw how Dr. Fuller helped my wife, I began to see Dr. Fuller to help relieve the pain and after several sessions, I no longer have the stabbing back pain. I can move without pain and I am gradually beginning to increase my activities. Dr. Fuller has also helped with the tingling in my fingers. I plan to continue treatment with Dr. Fuller. I have recommended Dr. Fuller to family and friends."

- Doug D. Sr.

"I am 51 years old and for most of my life I have had frequent headaches. I have gone to numerous doctors and had numerous tests throughout the years. The doctors told me I could have allergies, sinus problems, dehydration, you name it. Sound familiar? No one could fix the problem other than take pain medication. Who wants to live like that?”

“Chiropractic care helped cured about 75% of my headaches. However, I would still be certain to get a monster headache from doing outside activities such as mowing the lawn, jogging or walking, golfing, etc.”

“A few months ago I started to have cranial adjustments and I immediately noticed a difference. I can now play a round of golf headache free. The same goes for all outside activities. For the most part I am now headache free. Every 2 to 3 weeks I get a cranial adjustment and I’m good to go. Good-bye Tylenol and Motrin."

- Joe B.

"I’m very happy so far with the treatment of my planter fasciitis. Dr. Fuller is the only practitioner I have found that practices A.R.T. which was the recommended treatment for this condition. I received immediate relief and am improving nicely. Very appreciative."

- Susan H.

"Dr. Dave has been fantastic for our entire family! My husband, 7-year-old son, 5-year-old daughter and I have been seeing Dr. Dave for over a year now. The past year has been one of our healthiest years. Both kids are very active and tend to get out of alignment a lot. Dr. Dave is great with the kids and makes getting an adjustment very easy and fun for them. My husband and I have had our share of past experiences causing neck and back issues for us as we are getting older. Dr. Dave’s adjustments make getting older easier and less painful.

My husband and son both have asthma, and we find that regular adjustments with Dr. Dave help significantly to reduce the occurrences of asthma attacks.

We all highly recommend Dr. Dave for all ages!"

- Ted and Nancy B.

“Excellent customer service and superb care. I never have to wait for an appointment and I am amazed at how much better I feel. Through regular visits my back feels stronger and I feel healthier. Aches and pains that I didn’t even associate with my back have improved. I have learned that you don’t need to have pain to maintain a healthy back and body. I would definitely recommend Dr. David Fuller to everyone.”

- Jim B.

“I was experiencing severe back pain. I decided to try Dr. Dave. Not only did he make the time to see me, he called that night to see how I was doing, came in on his day off, and on Saturday and Sunday for additional treatments. He took initial x-rays and then monitored the spine at each visit before performing an adjustment. Dr Dave fully understands the needs of each patient. Dr. David Fuller truly cares about his patients.”

- Mary S.

“In the beginning, I was apprehensive but after being disabled for close to 3 years with back problems, I met Dr. Fuller. I was tired of tests and prescription drugs. I will always have back problems but Dr. Fuller has helped me return to the workplace without heavy drugs. He has made the pain manageable. I always carry his cards to give to those who may be helped as I have been and continue to be by his care. He has helped me so much that I want to share the good with others.”

- Sandi D. 

"I was skeptical at my friends recommendation to see Dr. Fuller for my vertigo and back problems. Especially the vertigo? I was not aware of the Gonstead Method Dr. Fuller uses and how effective it is. I have been a regular patient for 2 years now and I can honestly say I have never felt better. I am off of medication for the vertigo and my back problems have been drastically reduced."

- Karen H. 

"Over the past few years, the pain has worsened and I could not find a anyone who could help. I gave up until Dr. Dave convinced me to come see him. He used the Gonstead System and what a difference it made! I highly recommend him. He is the best!"

- Philip K.

"I have been seeing Dr. Fuller for about 5 months. I was involved in a car accident 20 years ago and suffered whiplash. Ever since the accident, I have had severe headaches. Before I started to see Dr. Fuller, I had headaches 4 or 5 days a week. I was taking 4 Ibuprofen 3 times a day when I had the headaches, and can’t imagine what they were doing to my stomach. Since Dr. Fuller has been adjusting my neck, my headaches have decreased in frequency and intensity. I now have only mild headaches, and maybe one headache every two weeks or so. I hardly take Ibuprofen any more. I feel like a new person. I had forgotten what it felt like not to have headaches!”

- Barb D. 

“Dr. Fuller is a gifted practitioner who provides his patients with valuable information as to how certain adjustments benefit their overall health. His ability to identify and treat the areas of the spine, which cause pain and discomfort, coupled with his compassion hake him an exceptional healer.”

- Margie R. 


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