Hip Pain in Spring House

Hip Pain in Spring House PA

Do you suffer from hip pain in Spring House?  See how chiropractic care at Fuller Chiropractic and Sports Injury Center can help you!

Due to the hip being a “ball and socket” joint, it is capable of a wide range of motions in all directions.  Daily activities such as bending, walking, kneeling, and lifting create a tremendous amount of force that must pass through this region.

Due to the wide range of motions and forces acting on the hip, the body utilizes an intricate network of muscles to control and protect the hip. These muscles include the Piriformis, Gluteus Maximus, Hamstring, Quadriceps, Psoas, Iliotibial Band etc.

Overcoming Hip Pain in Spring House PA

Problems can arise in the hips when adhesions or scar tissue form on any of the muscles surrounding the hip.  Some of the reasons adhesions form include:

  • Muscle imbalances or biomechanical imbalances of the sacroiliac joint.
  • Increased or excessive physical activity.
  • Scar tissue from surgeries.
  • Prolonged sitting.
  • A foot, ankle or knee problem causing altered hip biomechanics.
  • Acute or repetitive trauma.
  • Biomechanical imbalances that occur during weight-lifting.
  • Running on uneven surfaces (i.e. camber in the road).

These adhesions can cause the following:

  • Tightness in muscles resulting in inward or outward rotation of the hips.
  • Tightness in muscles resulting in an increased workload for other muscles.
  • A shortened muscle resulting an increase tendon stress (tendonitis).
  • A nerve entrapment resulting in numbness, tingling or sharp radiating pain.
  • Diminished blood flow to an area.

Spring House chiropractor explains how Conventional treatments tend to have poor symptomatic relief, long periods of treatment, and only temporary results.  Conventional treatments fail for the following reasons:

  • They treat only symptoms. Medications hide the pain but do not fix the structural problems of the hip.
  • Fail to address the root of the problem – the restrictive fibers that bind the tissues of the hip together causing inflammation and increases stress.
  • Fail to address the problems of adjacent structures affecting full resolution of the hip problem.


ART - Active Release TechniquesActive Release Technique is a patented, state of the art soft tissue system/movement-based massage technique that treats problems with muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia and nerves.  It is a complex treatment system that address the deeper adhesions within the soft tissue as well as in between 2 soft tissue structures.  There is no other soft tissue treatment that can compare to one given by a skilled Active Release Provider.

K-Laser TherapyClass IV Laser Therapy is an FDA cleared therapeutic treatment that manages pain and inflammation while accelerating tissue regeneration.  Laser energy increases circulation, drawing water, oxygen, and nutrients to the damaged area.  This creates and optimal healing environment that reduces inflammation, swelling, muscle spasm, stiffness and pain.

Both treatments are effective at treating hip injuries alone.  In combination, they achieve better and quicker results.

Steroid injections should be avoided whenever possible. Research has shown that more than three or four steroid injections in a year can weaken tendons, damage joints, and can cause weight gain, diabetes, osteoporosis, and ulcers.

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