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The ATM2 Concept is used to provide an immediate, significant and lasting increase in range of motion and strength. This is achieved with no time-consuming stretching or any of the common injury-prone strengthening exercises typically used.

The Central Nervous System (CNS) governs the dynamic movement stability components of your musculoskeletal system.  These components work throughout the anatomical structures of this system. Normal dynamic stability provides the healthy body with the ability to perform normal, good quality, low-energy / high-efficiency movements. In the case of pain, the CNS will change its neuromuscular activation strategy, to a high energy / low efficiency movement. This altered CNS movement control is clearly visible and recognizable in the presence of pain.

Active Therapeutic Movements (ATM®s)provide immediate and long-lasting benefits to many back, neck, shoulder, pelvis, hip, and knee sufferers. By definition ATMs consist of a few active neuromuscular movements superimposed upon a specific passive holding pattern.  ATMs aim to immediately alter symptoms, by affecting the Central Nervous System (CNS) control of muscle activation patterns which directly impact ranges of motion. The ATM2 is a clinical tool designed to enable the user to effectively transition from a previously painful range of motion to one that is complete, and totally free of pain.

In Simple terms:

“Why do our global (movement) muscles get stiff to begin with?” – Well, in almost cases, they do NOT get stiff due to anything wrong with the muscles themselves internally.  Usually, they get stiff because the brain wants them to be stiff.

“Why does the brain want these muscles to be stiff?” -  The answer to this has to do with the muscles that provide core stability, primarily, the Multifidus muscles (see figure on right).  They are responsible for preventing the adjoining vertebrae in our spine from moving out of their normal ranges.  These muscles stiffen in order to prevent any permanent damage to the disks and ligaments between the vertebrae.

It has been demonstrated very clearly in the research literature that individual Multifidus muscles will frequently stop functioning efficiently in the presence of pain.  Keep in mind that many of these muscles are tiny: less than half an inch tip-to-tip. As a result of their small size, these muscles lose their mass very quickly. When a person’s Multifidus muscles are not responsive, the spine becomes very vulnerable, as it has lost the primary mechanism to prevent adjoining vertebrae from moving out of bound.

Luckily for us, our brain is smart enough to detect that there is a problem.   So what does the body do?  You guessed it: the brain sends a signal to the global muscles to become tight in order to restrict overall movement, which will help protect the spine itself from serious injury.

The point is that the person’s tightness and stiffness is not the real problem — stiffness is actually a protective mechanism preventing the spine from very serious injury!

So based on these research findings, how does the Advanced Therapeutic Movement concept work? Using the ATM2, you re-establish the lines of communications between the brain and the core Multifidus muscles so that they can become more responsive. Once this communication happens — and it takes only 1-2 minutes — the brain figuratively says to itself: “Aha, my core muscles are now very responsive. Now I do not need as much help from the global muscles in order to protect the spine, so I can release them”.  Consequently, the global muscles relax immediately. This translates into a significant and immediate increase in range of motion that actually lasts.

The amazing thing about the ATM2 system is that no end-of-range stretching-type exercises are needed to achieve this huge, immediate and lasting increase in range of motion!

The entire ATM2 exercise program only takes a few minutes, and the result is a very significant increase in ranges of motion and significant reduction in pain for almost all people.

  1. Immediate increase in ROM: Increases efficiency and usage of the core stabilization muscles (multifidus/transverse abdominus) causes immediate relaxation of global movement muscles which result in immediate increase in ROM, without ever doing stretching exercises.

  2. Immediate increase in strength:The ATM2 causes muscle sequencing to become more efficient in that less muscle activity achieves stronger more sustained outputs.

  3. Immediate reduction in pain:  Inefficient and wasteful noise related to the human body being inherently unstable (in the upright, functional position) is significantly diminished – thus more efficient, stronger, and better movement across joints.  Furthermore, the ATM2 causes muscle activity to balance out within the body and facilitate painful movements to become totally pain-free by retraining the muscle memory pattern.
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