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Spring House Chiropractor Dr. Dave Fuller

The Chiropractor To See In North Wales

Dr. David Fuller

“For years I suffered with intermittent lower back pain with no relief,” explains Dr. Fuller. “Every couple of months, the pain would be so bad that I would be confined to my bed for several days at a time. I tried many different treatments including medicine and physical therapy with no results. I finally herniated a disc in my lower back when I was 22 years old. The pain was so bad that it felt like an electric shock was going down my leg and up my spinal cord. Just the thought of sneezing would bring me to tears. The doctors wanted to do surgery!”

“I have to admit, I was terrified when I went to the chiropractor. He checked my spine and found the problem in my lower back. When I entered the office, it would take me several minutes to get in and out of a chair. I wasn’t pain free after the first adjustment, but I could get in and out of a chair with little trouble. After several treatments, I no longer was in pain and my chronic heartburn problem also resolved!”

Dr David Fuller began studying chemical engineering at the University of Delaware. It was during his senior year, after his experience with chiropractic, that he decided to change career paths. He graduated with a degree in the biological sciences from the University of Delaware in 1997. In 1998, he began chiropractic school at Life Chiropractic College in Marietta, Georgia. In March of 2002, he graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Doctorate in chiropractic.

Dr. Fuller is certified in the Gonstead System, as well as the Active Release Technique, treating soft tissue injuries such as repetitive strain, sports injuries and cumulative trauma disorders. He has served on the medical team of the Philadelphia Triathlon and Lance Armstrong’s Livestrong Challenge. Dr. Fuller is trained in Cranial Adjusting, helping disorders such as autism, headaches, ADD, ADHD, seizures, sinus problems, dizziness and much more!

Dr. Fuller has lectured at local businesses and colleges on subjects such as low back injury prevention, stress, and headaches. He is part of the ART Corporate Solutions where he is the on-site doctor for the Ball Corporation.

Dr. Fuller has been in private practice in North Wales, PA since March of 2002.

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